Visions of Absence ~ fractal poem

Visions of Absence

In darkness filled with the light of memories,
I call out in a voice that carries no weight.
The silence of your response echoes
in scenes that play out before me,
moments always out of reach but never
far from my mind, even in waking dreams
when I know you are gone but always
with me. The separation of decades
knows no distance, whether dreaming
or awake. Day and night are the same,
your absence all the difference.

 This is my response to dVerse – Poetics – Fractals, the prompt from Lisa at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, which is to write a poem using “fractal poetics.” Alice Fulton describes this as exploring the structure of free verse as “a dynamic, turbulent form between perfect chaos and perfect order,” here.

Image source: shutterstock

12 thoughts on “Visions of Absence ~ fractal poem

  1. Ken, what a perfect image you chose to represent what you have wordsmithed. My mind isn’t up to constructing the fractal poetry described in the examples used, but you have accomplished it seamlessly. The message held within your poem is and will be forever for the situation. I think you and Rob had it right, likening fractals to love.

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  2. I like how you move from dream state to the reality expressed in the final lines. Yes, we miss those we love all the time, but sometimes it’s different in dreams, or there’s hope that it is.


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