Wild Stillness

Wild Stillness

There is no conversation to be had
between us, no common ground
that would satisfy either of us,
you standing tall on a tree
extending from the water,
fresh catch lying at your feet,
while I paddle slowly past
not thirty feet away looking
for some recognition in the eye
that follows me as your head turns,
some appreciation for sunlight
glinting from the water or the breeze
that lightly ruffles your feathers
yet soothes on this midsummer day,
but you bend to retrieve your meal
and tilt your head back to shake it
down your throat as I paddle out of sight.

This is my response to earthweal weekly challenge: WILD STILLNESS.
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24 thoughts on “Wild Stillness

  1. Just watched a hawk gliding for 10-15 minutes over our back pasture til he swooped down for the mouse (or ?) he’d been waiting to spot. Ahh…love dat nature stuff.
    Nice work, Ken.

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