The Ultimate Abuse

The Ultimate Abuse

Wade through the rhetoric,
read row after row
of 213 pages of propaganda,
and understand the abuse
not only of power
but of citizens living
in a male-dominated society
where personal welfare is ignored
and the potential of a death sentence
is imposed without any pretense
of a trial once petty politicians are allowed
to do so to maintain their dominance,
and ask yourself how you can be
proud to be a member of that society,
knowing that further changes
using the very same logic,
or lack thereof, will be used to erode
further personal freedom in the future.


               Click image for link to US Supreme Court decision

22 thoughts on “The Ultimate Abuse

    • It’s completely out of his hands. The US Supreme Court is actually an appeals court, the ultimate decision. It’s supposed to rule with the US Constitution in mind. It’s pointed out here that abortion is not defined (or even referenced) as a protected right in the Constitution. Never mind the fact that women were completely ignored when it was written more than 230 years ago, or that women only gained the right to vote in the 19th Amendment, ratified in 1920.


  1. Jefferson observed, the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

    the fight is not over. I am curious how this will impact the elections this fall and in 24. how the young will respond, especially young women in red states. and whether people in blue states will recognize, the fight is still on. some polls showed 2/3 of Americans supported RvW, but somehow half of them either didn’t vote or voted R… Cognitive dissonance at its loudest. ~

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  2. We the general public are being manipulated for political reasons and I resent it, but it’s a fact-of-life right now, possibly for the rest of my life. Yuck. Strong poem, Ken – “right on”!


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