the short of it

the short of it

there is no sense
no logic

only short circuits
minds deranged

by who knows what

changing matters
to suit their needs

forget the needs
rights of those who matter

bullets in the back
of one walking away

whatever weapon
is handy

a knee in the neck
all life squeezed out

run for your life
when you see a pickup

a spray of bullets
punctuating supremacy

life lessons delivered
with a trigger

repeat the lesson
ten years later

hell, make it
an annual event

this ain’t no short story
this story knows no end

Trigger Warning

Laquan McDonald
George Floyd
Ahmaud Arbery
Sandy Hook

Shared with OpenLinkNight #317 at dVerse ~ Poets Pub.

45 thoughts on “the short of it

  1. Hi Ken. I had to relink your poem as it was pointing back to dVerse.

    I am sad to read the news from your country. It just does not make sense to me. In Canada, no one is allowed to carry guns unless you are licensed and authorized to do so.

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  2. There is no safe room, house, church, store, mall or street. Even while in bed, cops kick the door down and fire fifty rounds in your direction. The NRA spends billions to buy Politicians. It’s all about dark money..sonsabitches.

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  3. Your blog won’t let me leave a ‘like’ but maybe the reason is obvious. All the politicians and the NRA have to do is get over the next few days and the story will be dead and buried like all the others.

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    • I agree about the old news” syndrome”

      That’s interesting about the “like” problem, but then I stopped using Firefox a week ago when the same problem started for me – on all blogs.


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