Absent Friends

Absent Friends

Circles grow, encompass
more than they can hold,
splinter, yet still overlap.

Who is to say what stays,
who goes, when time
cares not whether a tree falls?

Within a circle?
Outside? All that matters
is that it is gone.

At my fiftieth high school class reunion, deceased class members were memorialized by placing their graduation photos on a tabletop “tree.” It was a sobering moment, as the loss of most of them was news to many in attendance.

This is my response to Poetics: Naming the Rose, the prompt from Merril at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, which asks us to write a poem using the name of rose from a given list of English country garden roses, either as a title or within the poem. I have chosen “Absent Friends.”

23 thoughts on “Absent Friends

  1. Oh how I can relate to this. At our 50th college reunion, there was much laughter, catching up, marveling at the lack of hair, the bigger belly, the hair turned grey, the lost weight, the gained weight, the tales now of grandchildren rather than children. But the sobering part of the evening was a presentation of all in our class who have died…a slide presentation with instrumental music, no voices. Simply the photo from the year book of the person as we knew him/her, and a photo of the person close to when he/she died, send in by their loved one or family for the presentation. And the interesting thing was the circles that overlapped now….even though this wasn’t a person in our “group”, on our “team” in sports, in our sorority or fraternity, this was a fellow student and it was amazing to realize, during that presentation, that so much more tied us to that person than what “group” they were in.

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  2. When my aunt and uncle died recently within the space of a few months, I realized that my brother and I were the oldest in my immediate family–all my cousins are younger. I did not make it to my 50th reunion, but I imagine the feeling is similar–what was once an intimate circle now has a permanent empty space. (K)

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