Motorcycle Math in 1979

Motorcycle Math in 1979

45 mph zone
green light intersection
55 mph zone
150 feet ahead

50 mph
car pulls out
2 seconds to react

pull handlebars hard left
pull hard right
miss car by inches
motorcycle leans right

engine guard scrapes
bike goes on its side
followed by rider

1 bike
1 rider
slide down the pavement
50 mph

1 road-rashed denim jacket
1 road-rashed hip
1 dented fuel tank
1 bruised knee

1 road-rashed helmet
1 concussion
1 month off from work
back on bike

bigger bike

Roll the Bones

Pre-collision (1978), although all damage was on the right side and minor

This incident was recounted in Roll the Bones, a response to NaPoWriMo in 2016.

Off-prompt, but shared with Day 15 at

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