Wordle(ss) ~ with audio



I am driven to write,
the need within me strong,
but long hours pass
and the page is empty.

My breath is measured
by each chime of the clock,
which marks not hours or minutes,
but each sliver of hope left behind
with each passing second.

Darkness closes in as I wait
for even the faintest light, inspiration
sent from I know not where, but
my plans are no match for this curse
that would steal from me all thought,
a crime that should not befall any poet.

This poem is my response to The Sunday Whirl – Wordle 548.

sliver – breath – sent – plans – hours – minutes
chime – drive – light – crime – match

Also shared with OpenLinkNight LIVE at dVerse ~ Poets Pub and Day 14 at napowrimo.net.

20 thoughts on “Wordle(ss) ~ with audio

  1. I feel fortunate. The only thing I ever have to block are more words, cascading on top of themselves, every stanza setting up yet another. But your plight is wryly described, and aptly posted. Your audio is wonderful.

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  2. Oh my gosh!!!! The audio of this is AMAZING! The chimes in the background, the tenor of your voice…WOW! LOVE hearing it here. Great job at OLN too….so glad you found your way there tonight! But I loved hearing it here even more!

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