Helios ~ ekphrastic poem



What is distance
when you pass before us,
out of reach, yet so large,
so bright as to blind
any who gaze upon you?
When you dwarf any chariot
we send your way, your passage
from horizon to horizon
will always remain a mystery.

This ekphrastic poem, inspired by an image from Astronomy Picture of the Day, is in response to Day 11 at napowrimo.net, where we are asked to “write a poem about a very large thing.”

Astronomy Picture of the Day – A Space Station Crosses the Sun © Wang Letian
Wikimedia Commons – Helios and His Chariot (The British Museum)

12 thoughts on “Helios ~ ekphrastic poem

  1. It’s only recently that humans were willing to admit the earth was not the center of the universe…and yet, despite our mathematical calculations of our path around it, yes, the sun is still a mystery. (K)

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