Go With the Flow ~ list poem

Go With the Flow ~ A Poetic Prompt

1. Using Google Maps,
     or a paper map if you are old-school,
     find the nearest river or stream.

2. If you are familiar with your nearest stream,
     as you should be, disregard the above.

3. Travel to that body of water and stand on its bank.

4. Watch the water as it flows, staying before you as it passes.

5. Observe any object that may float in the current, leaving you behind.

6. In your mind, follow the path that object will take.

7. Observe all that is left in its wake,
     where you will find your final destination,
     words waiting to form on the page.

This is my response to Day 4 at napowrimo.net, where we are asked to write a poem in the form of a poetry prompt. With a screen name like rivrvlogr, of course mine would be about water.

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