Into Obscurity

Into Obscurity

Those memories once held dear
at first light now sneak in
like rolling fog. Near to being lost,
the traces they leave are more sparse
with each passing, taking with them
any desire to keep them in my grasp.

This poem is my response to Colour me poetry, the prompt from Sarah at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, which is to write a poem inspired by a list of paint colors that Sarah has provided. I’ve used two of them: first light and rolling fog. With “rolling fog” in mind, I thought of this photo (fog on the Missouri River at Jefferson City, Missouri), which I used to illustrate Lost Keepsakes in 2019, so I guess this poem might be considered a continuation. In fact, another version might be an edit of the original (without using “first light”):

Into Obscurity

Do you still keep those memories
we once held dear, now that we have
nothing else to share? The one thing
we could not divide between us
has dwindled away from me, like a rolling fog
that leaves fewer traces with each passing,
taking with it any desire to keep it in my grasp.


39 thoughts on “Into Obscurity

  1. Really interesting post. I enjoyed the version you presented first — really thought it was well-crafted, each word, like full of impact, and thought the cadence of the original poem looser..

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