Damn technology!

Until now, I’ve avoided writing posts on my phone — I may have tried it once, but doing it right now reminds me how difficult it is.  I replaced a wonky keyboard on my laptop last week, thinking I had solved an ongoing problem, and it did — for a week.  Now, once I’m signed in, it refuses to respond to any input — keyboard, touchpad or left mouse button.

I converted the laptop to Linux Mint two years ago, when Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7  — security, etc..  I made the laptop dual boot, Windows and Linux so I could continue to edit photos and videos with favorite programs, but I stay off the internet, since Windows security is lacking.  Imagine this — I can still do that.  Everything — keyboard, mouse and touchpad — works fine.  Go figure.  At least I’ll be able to write there.

I used an old Windows 7 desktop to do a Zoom session today, but otherwise it will be no computer time for me, at least for a couple of days.  I really don’t like surfing on my phone. I need a real screen. I ordered a new laptop this evening, and it should be here on Friday.

I dislike Windows 8 through 10, which is why I’ve been relying on the old Windows 7 laptop, but I guess now I’ll have to adjust to Windows 11.  Damn technology!

17 thoughts on “Damn technology!

  1. You are not alone! I’ve had a new Windows desktop sitting here since November … I’ve not found the energy to move all my files over to it and part of the stress is the slight difference between Win 10 & Win11. And the assumption that I want to put all my files out in the cloud! (No, thank you.) I’ve gotta stir up some adrenaline and get this done before the old computer sputters out. The harddrive is way past its lifespan. And I, too, find my phone a very poor substitute for a computer.
    Happy transferring to your new laptop!

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  2. The only support I can offer is to tell you that you’re not alone. Sometimes I cannot even articulate what’s showing/not showing. I just don’t think that’s how it should be— makes me ‘mad’
    So Ken, you’re not alone. And I hope you get it straightened up soon. I bless you.

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  3. Indeed. I avoid the internet on the phone. But it’s almost impossible to exist in the world now without some way to get online. And they have us trapped in their constantly changing systems . (K)

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  4. I’m a mac fan so don’t have that dilemma, but I hate the constancy of software redundancy even though I understand improvement – though that in itself is a moot point. I’m with you in spirit.

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