The Deepest Pearl ~ Sparrowlet

The Deepest Pearl

A pearl is held within this shell,
where loneliness a love does quell.
The light of hope for one once felled,
the sound of celebration’s knell.
A hope that our two hearts will meld.
Within this shell a pearl is held.

As you will see, a man made whole
will bare to you his deepest soul.
His one desire, your love the key.
His shell is shed as all extol
before you now, on bended knee,
a man made whole, as you will see.

This poem is my response to Poetry Form: Sparrowlet, the prompt from Grace at dVerse Poets Pub, which is to write a Sparrowlet, an invented stanzaic form created by Kathrine Sparrow.

The elements of the Sparrowlet are:
• stanzaic, written in any number of sixains. (A stanza of 6 lines).
• syllabic, lines of 8 syllables each. (Often written in iambic tetrameter.)
• rhymed, rhyme scheme BbabaA.
• L1 and L6 of each stanza is written in 2 hemistichs.
(Hemistich means a half a line of a verse).
• The 2 halves of L1 are inverted and repeated as a refrain in L6.
The last line MUST be the EXACT SAME as line 1, just switched around,
with a change in punctuation to accommodate the meaning
as the only variable allowed).

The pattern of the 6 line stanza (with bold characters as the repeated syllables):


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