Transitions ~ haiku


as leaves change
cooler winds prevail
shorter days

fading light
as leaves float downstream
herons leave

hidden water
when river freezes
icy wind

eagle’s nest
among bare branches
with first buds

bass splashes
kingfisher’s steep dive
turtles wake

warm breeze blows
across muddy banks
drying out

I have been chosen to name the theme for this week at WordCraft: Prose & Poetry.
The cycle in this haiku sequence is my own response to
Colleen’s #TankaTuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge
No. 262: #ThemePrompt: Transitions

Shared with Open Link #311: March Live Edition

45 thoughts on “Transitions ~ haiku

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  2. How quickly and cleverly a year passes within the thin parameters of a half-dozen haiku. It appears it was written for “another” site, no matter, it presents that year swiftly and sweetly; thanks.

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  3. What I enjoyed most about your string of haikus is getting to see mental images that I do not otherwise get to see personally where I am. It feels soothing to read about the seasonal tradition in your poem, with so many reflections on nature and the animals.

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