A Heart That Swells ~ quadrille

A Heart That Swells



What is their measure?
Cheeks with traces of salty trails?

I have shed enough tears to fill an ocean,
yet still carry each within me.
Waves of sorrow balanced by waves of joy.
Swells that swallow my heart, yet set it free.

This poem is my response to Quadrille #146: Let’s Get Salty, the prompt from De Jackson at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, which is to use a form of the word salt in a 44-word poem (excluding title), with no required meter or rhyme.

36 thoughts on “A Heart That Swells ~ quadrille

  1. I like this! Definitely agree with sorrow/joy a continuing mix (each with different “wave strengths” at different times) – and poetically this reads smooth as silk right up to the last line summation.


  2. I really feel the sentiment behind your poem, Ken: such thoughts ran through my head when I wrote mine, though I took a different approach in the end. ‘Pools of sorrow, waves of joy’ as John Lennon put it!

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  3. What is their measure?
    Cheeks with traces of salty trails?
    Used to discuss units of measure with my elementary school students. Used to tell my students that poets and scientists were one and the same, observers that took the measure of the observed. Love the reconciled contrasts in this poem.

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