Art as Complement at Origami Poems Project

My micro-chapbook, Art as Complement, is available as a free PDF download at Origami Poems Project. All poems are printed on one sheet of paper that when folded, following these instructions, creates a palm-sized chapbook. The six poems are inspired by the Cazadero Nature and Art Conservancy, which is tended by Margaret Fabrizio in the mountains of Sonoma County, California.

It’s an honor to have my poetry placed with the many fine poets who can be found at Origami Poems Project by hovering over the “Poets” tab and clicking “Find a Poet.” Many thanks to Editor Jan Keough for accepting my poems and creating this micro-chapbook.

46 thoughts on “Art as Complement at Origami Poems Project

  1. Just read through your poems. You have a keen appreciation of nature and a genuine awed affection for the Cazadero. I printed it out and have folded it up to the cutting point. Will finish in the morning. Congratulations, my friend. Very neat community project.

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    • Thanks, Ron..
      I hadn’t thought to title that tanka, but once Jan Keough (the editor) made that suggestion I realized how well it describes the relationship of nature and art at Cazadero. It would have made a fitting title for the collection, since my chimes photo was chosen as the cover.


  2. I really enjoyed these poems, Ken – most especially “From A Meadow” – gorgeous last stanza! But in all of them, a reverence for nature and lovely surprising turns of phrase (like “where fallen needles and thoughts / collect”).

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