Getting a Leg Up

Getting a Leg Up

All is not so dire. No handicap,
that limb out of the water,
no third leg on its back as heat
is gathered from light.
The swan moves in arcs
no wider, circles no tighter,
than others in its circle.

Climate may change, but
instinct will prevail,
while we continue to burn
fossils, exchanging heat
in the chilling future
we bring upon ourselves
as we hold up a wet finger
when we already know
which way the wind blows.

If we accept that wind,
marry it to the light, will they
carry us into the future,
open this ever tightening circle
in which we find ourselves?

This poem is my response to earthweal weekly challenge: THE SWAN.

Is it normal for a swan to fold one of its legs up onto its back? Yes.

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