Defy Darkness

Defy Darkness

Measure the walls.
How many hands?
Enough to hold them
up even as they succumb
to the encroaching darkness?

Or do they close in on us?
Isn’t that the same?
how can we be anything
but alone? That’s not
rhetorical, or even a question.

Dark corners everywhere,
and nowhere to turn,
yet light everywhere,
if we consider ourselves.
We are not.

Our selves are just that.
Ours, to embrace.
To share, more or less.

Or less?

Less, if we consider
that we are one, not separate.
More, when taken as a whole.
More light in those dark corners.
More hands to hold up the walls
that hold out the darkness,
push them ever outward
eliminating the fringe
while embracing it
as part of the whole.

As a response to a poem by an offline friend, this is a WIP

Shared with OLN #307 – Eat Your Grapes at dVerse ~ Poets Pub

31 thoughts on “Defy Darkness

  1. You raise a lot of thoughts with this poem, with clear defined theme – reminds me so much of how I felt living in the very north of Europe, where darness was no longer a metaphor in winter, and thoughts ran deep.

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  2. I very much enjoyed the profound, streaming thoughts that ooze from this poem. Yes, how can we be alone if we have ourselves and with so many us sharing the same fears and hope, we are one. Love the imagery you use to express this.

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  3. A very engaging work-in-process … so many ways to “see” anything, to label anything either light or dark is just a momentary perspective … to judge either light or dark preferable to the other, likewise a momentary perspective. You sure have me second-thinking interpretations!

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  4. You nailed this, Ken. Walls simultaneously exist and do not. I abhor worshipping them. But there they are(n’t). This may be WIP but so far….Great stuff! Thanks. I’m trying to get back into the flow lately, with little success, and your poem helps. I owe you.


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