Far from Maddening ~ haibun

Far from Maddening

Our holiday celebration this year, from Christmas through New Year’s Day, was fairly quiet. Of course there was music for most of Christmas Day, from the “classics” of the 1940s into the 1960s, to a Little Steven’s Underground Garage Christmas playlist. And music from John Coltrane to Yo-Yo Ma to Brian Wilson, all Christmas gifts, played through the week. We had our traditional dinners and exchanged presents, and we even had a Secret Santa Zoom session with family members in different parts of the country. But this holiday season seemed to be more low key than in years past. Perhaps that was a conscious effort on our part to compensate for the past year, with a hope that the coming year will bring good fortune and not be so maddening.

at the bird feeder
as seeds fly

This haibun is my response to dVerse – Haibun Monday – Celebration,
the prompt from Lisa at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, which is to write a haibun
about this year’s holiday celebrations.

39 thoughts on “Far from Maddening ~ haibun

  1. It sounds like a hopping celebration with all the music, dinners, and Zooming!
    I echo your thoughts about the past year and the hopes for the coming year.

    (So, I guess I’m getting tired because I first read your title as Madding, as in Thomas Hardy’s Far from the Madding Crowd.)🤣

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    • Thanks. 😀
      I don’t have XM Radio, but when I had DISH there were lots of XM channels available, including Little Steven. I ran it through my AV stereo and made it background music for Saturday afternoons.
      Searching “Little Steven’s Christmas” on Spotify gives one playlist result. It’s probably not official – but created by a user – and has only 15 song (2 are grayed out), but it’s still fun.
      Searching “Little Steven’s Underground Garage” gives three playlist results – again, not official channels – and one, ‘As Heard In,’ has 1774 songs.
      Spotify is available on the Amazon Fire TV stick, so yeah it gets played through our stereo.

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