Hibernal Lament

Hibernal Lament

I wait, but days do not
grow longer, nights shorter.
This will pass. Daylight will reign again.
But darkness never reduces to nothing.
Why am I reminded of what is lost
when what I seek is light?
I stand perfectly still,
yet my shadow still follows me.

This table shows the length of daylight during this week
surrounding the winter solstice in my part of the world.
Source: Sunrise Sunset

14 thoughts on “Hibernal Lament

  1. I can relate, Ken! Am trying to time my sleeping so I make sure I’m awake from when daylight begins. You have reminded me to pull out my 10k lux light and start dosing with it. The last 3 lines of your poem are quite potent.

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  2. This stood out for me:
    “Why am I reminded of what is lost
    when what I seek is light?”
    I think this is so true this time of year, and especially these past couple years.

    I don’t really understand why, but I did read that the periods of darkness do not match up with the date of the solstice. And January is usually colder here.

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