Cazadero Moss

Cazadero Moss

Beside a leaf-scattered trail
that winds beneath Douglas fir
and redwood, massive
granite boulders lie, almost a wall.
High, relative to a terrain
that continues to rise
above the valley below.

Moss covers the wall,
the crevices between boulders,
as if married to the wall.
A soft blanket of green
where fallen needles and thoughts
collect, thoughts of those
who have stopped to relish
the beauty of this moment,
any moment in this place.

A late response to earthweal weekly post: THE NATURE OF ENCHANTMENT, i am sharing this poem with earthweal open link weekend #88.

Photos: Cazadero Nature and Art Conservancy, in Sonoma County, California.
(click images for larger view in new tab)

My other Cazadero poems can be found here.

17 thoughts on “Cazadero Moss

  1. This is hella good stuff, Ken. I was seriously digging the fine landscape artistry of Stanza 1, carried over to 2 when — WHAMMO — suddenly it’s needles AND THOUGHTS collecting, and the importance of savoring every moment.
    What an outstanding turn and close. Thanks


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