Sunlight Savior ~ prose poem

Sunlight Savior

Water or water lily? You lit on the flower, but a breeze pushed you into the water, nonetheless. Not your choice, of course, and your stained-glass wings beat as if to prove the point. Tantalizing inches away, the lily called to you, but the fluid motion of your wings soon succumbed to the weighty water that pulled them down. A small wave washed over you as I reached beneath you, saving you from a watery grave. You drank in the sunlight that dried the tiny beads of water that clung to you, clinging to my finger until you were filled with enough confidence to take wing, this time to the flower bed beside the lily pool. Water lilies could wait while your wings regained their luster. For now, sunlight was the only thing you craved.

My prose poem is inspired by A Beautiful Dragonfly, a poem by Gillena Cox, found here, and voiced here. Coincidentally, I heard/saw Gillena read her poem at dVerse ~ Poets Pub’s OpenLinkNight LIVE on Thursday, just hours after the events in my prose poem.

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