The path that once was ~ American Sentence

The path that once was is no longer, yet it was always meant to be.

Thanks go to my friend, Bruce Anderson, whose photos inspired this American sentence.
The location is in the Northern Sonoran Desert near the base of the Catalina Mountains,
near Tucson Arizona. (Click images for larger view in new tab)

~ The American sentence is a form created by Allen Ginsberg.  Read about it here. ~

10 thoughts on “The path that once was ~ American Sentence

  1. “American Sentence” is new for me – gotta say I like yours far more than the multiple examples included in that link. You brought Nature into the scenario, which draws my attention. And this form gives flexibility beyond haiku’s imposed line breaks – leaving to reader where to pause (or not, as would be so “American”!)
    And the wisdom I’m seeing in your post (the path was meant to be, and to b transitory) could serve as balm for our weary nation. Perhaps all the ruckus in politics, weather, divisiveness is a steep stretch of intended trail for humanity?
    Cool that this photo was taken … and that you responded with this!

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