Resolve ~ quadrille ~ video poem


My course at a standstill,
unknown lines define the path
before, behind me.

Unforeseen alternatives
open, close
in all directions.

Pleasure, pain,
potential, all gained,
lost with each turn I take.

With peace of mind
as elusive as resolve,
forward is my only option.

This poem is my response to dVerse – Monday Quadrille – Stand, the prompt from Lisa at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, which is to use a form of the word stand in a 44-word poem, with no required meter or rhyme.

28 thoughts on “Resolve ~ quadrille ~ video poem

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  2. Sorry for the late response. Just got power back after a 12.5 hour outage. Your video, where the tree looks like pathways, is such a creative idea. Nice music choice. The poem fits into the mixed media seamlessly. Beautiful!

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  3. Wonderful! I am so drawn to the designs in tree bark…like ancient carvings, their crevices, shadows and hues are so interesting. Love the way you let them guide you in this meaningful quadrille.

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