Kansasas in not in
but you are

barely in
a reminder

wheels rolling
across plains
not so plain

hills rolling
from flint to smoke
at 75 miles per

grasshoppers nod
among remnants of wheat
in fresh-cut fields

destination, family
where words roll
in stories told

heat in the air
nothing compared to
warmth in the tales

with bonds
stronger than the hills
deeper than the bottoms

bonds now stronger yet
make parting
no easy task

hills, once more
until, finally
not there, anymore

A weekend trip took us to Kansas, where we celebrated Independence Day at a family gathering.

There’s nothing massive about the Flint Hills and the Smoky Hills of Kansas, but they still provide terrain with a striking view.

(Kansas City straddles the Missouri River and the Kansas-Missouri border.)

More travel for two weeks to visit family (starting Saturday) will means less time checking into WordPress.

Image: Library of Congress “a pumpjack, sometimes referred to as a ‘grasshopper’ oil pump because of its appearance”

20 thoughts on “Kansas

  1. my grandmother left Cottonwood Falls for California in 1912. occasionally went back, but not for long. only visits. her sister was still living there when I was a teenager. in 1984 I drove through and stopped at the old courthouse. only the sheriff’s station in the basement was open. he remembered my old aunt but would not tell me why. sometimes I look at real estate listings in Cottonwood and wonder about the weather.

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  2. Reading this I felt “right there” – scenery and then the difficulty saying goodbye to family after a gathering. Thanks for a good read,

    Enjoy your upcoming travels. We, too, are about to take off – for 5 weeks!

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  3. Nicely done, Ken. The words flowed, and I could imagine the scene. I’ve never been there–or Missouri.
    I’ve been hearing a lot about Missouri with the virus.
    Safe travels. I know you’re excited to see your children and grandchildren.

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  4. It’s always a good time for family–enjoy.
    My brother is in the midst of moving back to Ohio, so I may get back to the Midwest yet. Haven’t been there since my uncle’s funeral. (K)

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