like fingerprints

like fingerprints

like fingerprintsten years
since we met
first touched
talked, held
walked side-by-side
knew poetry
the blues of sky
and water reflecting heights
little knowing
those heights were ours

the beginning
ten years of moments
no two the same
riding the waves
that have carried us
to this day


This poem is my response to Misky’s Twiglet #233 – like fingerprints.

27 thoughts on “like fingerprints

  1. I’m drawn right into this … the initial “knowing” that has nothing to do with mental assessment, everything to do with sensory recognition. And I’m intrigued by the reference to knowing poetry – was poetry part of what brought you two together?

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    • Thank you, Jazz.
      re: poetry — yes.
      I set up a meetup weekend in Chicago – a half dozen online friends from a vlogging site (3 of them lived in Chicago). At a blues club to start, then a river tour of the city’s architecture, a visit to the Poetry Foundation, and a night at the Green Mill for slam poetry.
      Bonnie had seen several of my poetry videos, and we hit it off. That was June 2011, and over the summer we decided to spend Labor Day together, going to the jazz festival in Chicago. I moved to Missouri the following July.

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