Ultimate Destination

Ultimate Destination

Distance traveled
along this life,
true values held
and free from strife,
not all that great
as life runs late
while near my dear.


Thanks to Ron. Lavalette for introducing me to the Ha’Sonnet, a form of poetry that follows some of the sonnet rules within a short form of seven lines with four syllables each. “The first four lines set up the poem like the first two stanzas of a sonnet. The fifth and sixth line contain a little turn, or volta, preferably unexpected, like the third stanza of a sonnet. And the seventh line a resolution, or turn, like the final couplet of a sonnet.” Rhyming is optional, but one suggestion is “a b a b c c dd with the seventh line (dd) rhyming on the second and fourth syllable.” (as described by Stephen W. Buchanan on his website If You Haven’t Got A Sonnet).

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