The Miles Like an Anthem ~ trimeric

The Miles Like an Anthem

Wheels turn and words flow,
each trip the same, though different.
Poems form with each highway stripe,
each passing tree, and cloud overhead.

Each trip the same, though different,
the miles like an anthem flowing
through the words running through my mind.

Poems form with each highway stripe,
each line a word leading to new thoughts,
new lines as a poem is born.

Each passing tree, and cloud overhead,
plays a part, has a role, as the wheels
turn and the words flow.


This poem is my response to Poetry Form: Trimeric, the prompt from Grace at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, which is to write a trimeric, a form created by Charles A. Stone, as outlined below.

1. Trimeric has 4 stanzas
2. The first stanza has 4 lines
3. The other three stanzas have 3 lines
. The first line of each stanza is a refrain of the corresponding line in the first stanza (so 2nd stanza starts with the second line, third stanza starts with the third line, etc.).
5. The sequence of lines, then, is abcd, b – -, c – -, d – -.

Note: No other rules on line length, meter, or rhyme.

42 thoughts on “The Miles Like an Anthem ~ trimeric

  1. I really like this, Ken. I liked this part especially, “Poems form with each highway stripe,
    each passing tree, and cloud overhead.” I also get ideas while driving in familiar territory, not always poem ideas but fiction ideas, etc. I really got the feeling of travel and how a familiar drive can be different each time.

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  2. A nature poet has unlimited poems inspired by nature, and you capture that feeling well here. Your poem reminds me in spirit of the Byrds song which I think is based on a Bible verse. Turn Turn Turn I think is the title. “To everything, there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.” For the poet it is when they walk (or drive) about…

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    • 🙂 Thank you. That’s high praise. In spit of the times when I can’t come up with a thing, there are times when the sights around me pull the words from me. Even so, if later on I want to write the poem in my head without looking at what I’ve written, it just doesn’t work. The poem has its moment, and any further thought is something completely different.

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    • My phone is on a holder on the face of the dashboard. I’ll keep it open to a note app, and my keyboard has speech recognition. A simple touch of the screen is a minor enough distraction – probably no more than glancing at GPS would be – that I feel comfortable with it while driving. Also, I make sure I’m on the road and not in traffic at the time.

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  3. Ken,
    The meter in the poem mimics the movement of the wheels, a rolling flow of imagery that captures the natural formation of thoughts and words into stanzas. Beautifully penned.

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  4. I can identify with this Ken, as I’ve been on so many road trips. I think being a passenger lends itself to poetry for me, but I’m not a good enough driver to be able to compose whilst driving!

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    • Thank you, Ingrid. I can’t say that I ever did this (even in my head) as a truck driver, but I would sit in my cab during breaks and take notes about what I’d seen or encounters with customers.


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