newborn child ~ senryū

newborn child

newborn child
love overflowing
from cupped hands


This senryū is my response to
Misky’s Twiglet #229 – cupped hands.

I’m also sharing this with Colleen’s #Tanka Tuesday Weekly
#Poetry Challenge No. 228 #Poet’sChoice.

My granddaughter was three days old the first time I held her.
The next time I hold her will be in July, when she will be eight months old.

newborn child_a

6 months

49 thoughts on “newborn child ~ senryū

  1. Beautiful work, Ken.
    My Beloved Sandra’s 2 yr-old great-grand-daughter loves it when I make quarters vanish into thin air, only to find them again behind her ear. We’re lucky guys, I guess.

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