Silently Waiting ~ haibun


Silently Waiting

Driving at one in the morning, I look up to see Venus, bright at first, then dim as thin clouds pass before her. I think to write a poem about this as I sit in the waiting room of the ER with nothing more than my phone. As I compose an email to myself, my thoughts are pulled away from planets and stars by the replay of a basketball game from the previous day. The room remains nearly empty, no more than a patient at a time entering or leaving the room, leaving me the lone planet filling the space. But my mind keeps going back to the game, and it works its way into my poem.

Concerns for the wounded are allayed, and it’s time to head home. At three in the morning, the moon sits high in the sky, hazy but unwilling to let the clouds keep it from offering comfort on the drive home.

nearly full
silently waiting
flower moon

This haibun is my response to Haibun Monday 5-24-21: Flower moon, the prompt from Frank Tassone at dVerse ~ Poets Pub.

An injury at work meant a trip to the ER for my stepdaughter. No broken bones, but a muscle strain means rest for her. Ron. is right – hospitals have a way of inspiring poetry. This one gave me a haibun, as well as a poem I wrote while in the waiting room. Unfortunately there is no photo of that moon, as I was driving.

48 thoughts on “Silently Waiting ~ haibun

  1. I like how you describe yourself as a ‘lone planet’ – (I don’t imagine ER often gets compared to cosmic space). Happy to see that your visit there wasn’t for anything too serious – I hope your stepdaughter recovers from her strain quickly.

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  2. I love this unveiling of your thought processes … also the way you worded the ending: “unwilling to let the clouds keep it from offering comfort“

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  3. The two poems make a nice pair – and example of turning unplanned stalls into productive writing sessions. A writer is blessed with few needed tools to pursue the craft wherever/whenever a bit of time arrives. (My phone “Notes” is a ready journal when I must stay put in odd places – no cell service or pen or writing surface required…)

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  4. Ah yes, inspiration like the Flower Moon, rises out of chaos and darkness, to create its own light. The poem was a bit vague about who “the wounded” might be. I thought maybe demonstrators or victims of a mass shooting.

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  5. Sorry to hear of your step-daughter’s injuries. Hope she heals well. The moon high in the sky at night is an awesome sight. Great haibun and your haiku waiting metaphor works very well.


  6. I’m so sorry to read about your stepdaughter, Ken, I hope she is recovering well, and I’m glad you got an excellent moon haibun out of your visit to the hospital.

    My son-in-law was admitted to hospital on Sunday night with a collapsed lung. He’s still there, and my daughter is not allowed to visit because of Covid, but it would be difficult with a three-year-old. I have my fingers crossed that he’ll be allowed to go home later today.

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  7. I didn’t get to see the Flower Moon, due to rain. Speedy recovery to your daughter. You’ve brought to mind two different times I was visiting hospice rooms… Waiting is difficult.

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