ER@3AMHeadlights, blinding at eye level
on an ambulance discharging
it’s charge in the ER drop-off,
greet us as we arrive, midnight
an hour behind us in the night.

My own charge is discharged,
and I park fifty feet away before
walking inside. One visitor allowed,
but exceptions exist, and I am one.
This late, no one seems to mind.

Waiting room to myself, except for
Marv Albert calling a replay of
a playoff game, 76ers making moves
no one in ER can expect to make
any time soon, as I wait patiently.

Patients trickle in, and I try to ignore
a game that’s already been won
as the Wizards take the lead.
The trick here is to tune out
the game and others now waiting.

My charge is discharged @ 3AM,
with no basketball in the future,
as the Sixers win a game they won
hours ago. We head out into the night,
with no wish for a replay of the night.


20 thoughts on “ER@1AM

  1. Hard to click “Like” for this subject matter, Ken; though the work itself, and the tale unfolding is captivating, esp to those who’ve been there, of which I am one. Positive vibes coming your way, & thanks for sharing. I hope that doing so lightened. Rest up.

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    • Thank you, Jazz. Yes, two short hours was a blessing, but the poem wrote itself as I sat there. I felt bad watching out the window so I could catch a photo of the next ambulance to arrive, but there did not seem to be any frenzied activity while I was there.

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  3. I hope your stepdaughter is healing up quickly, Ken. There’s indeed something surreal about ER waiting rooms and whatever happens to be on their t.v.’s while you’re sitting there…waiting. Good job expressing that!


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