Dreams of Sawdust and Smiles

Dreams of Sawdust and Smiles

It’s been thirty-three years since you lived
in the country home built in your retirement.
Moving to the country had been your dream for years,
but the distance from family became too much.

Five years later, you were gone from our lives,
so you wouldn’t know this. Jason bought the house
a few years ago as one of his projects as a contractor.
It had gone into foreclosure. Empty

for many years, it was left open to the elements.
Much of the interior was weather damaged,
so he gutted and refinished it. He then sold it,
so, sadly, it left our family, once again. Even so,

he did a great job, and it belongs to a happy family.
I can still see it in my mind, one wall
of the basement exposed in the hillside
with its wide window in the block wall.

I like to think I could look into it at any time,
see you working in your wood shop, running a board
across the planer or trimming a piece on the band saw,
turning the board to make the precise shape you need.

I can still see the dust flying from your router,
feel the vibration of that hum through the glass
as I press my face closer, see your smile of satisfaction
at the results. And I smile.

This poem is my response to the prompt for Day 29 at napowrimo.net, which is to imagine a window looking into a place or onto a particular scene. I helped my father build a few of the structures, including a barn, on the property my parents purchased in retirement.

Dreams of Sawdust and Smiles

Jason (holding the hammer), many, many years before restoring the property


~ Day 29 ~

18 thoughts on “Dreams of Sawdust and Smiles

  1. Awww what a precious photo as part of a precious memory. Isn’t that something, your young son holding a hammer here and later earning his way as a contractor, which enabled him to come back to this place. I’d say that’s full circle.

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