Straight From the Source ~ with audio


Straight From the Source

Straight From the SourceI follow lines. Curves and angles
may draw my eye, but always
bring me back to lines. An arc,
a tangent, the shadow of a cornice
cannot conceal details, divert direction.
A hairpin may reverse direction
but always takes me forward.

Each one speaks to me, waits
to meet the page, carbon to fiber,
or the screen, pixels in a lattice,
forming lines that tell the story
of the lines that inspire me.

Off prompt for Day 15 at, but still on track to write at least a poem a day in April for National/Global Poetry Writing Month 2021.

Ken G.

Shared with Open Link #290 – Live Edition at dVerse ~ Poets Pub.

~ Day 15 ~

Image source: Wikimedia Commons – cornice of Imperial palace on The Palatine Hill in Rome

27 thoughts on “Straight From the Source ~ with audio

    • Thank you, David. Any time I’m out with the camera, I’m watching for lines, angles, curves. That can be architecture or a sculpture. It can be the limbs of a tree, or the lines in a leaf. I’m just as likely to frame a picture around the details in a section of a building as I am to take a wider angle photo. Sometimes those observations will lead to a poem, or simply I line I can use later.

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  1. It was so good to hear you read this. Rob asked you if you were an architect. I thought of photography and abstract art. I am keenly aware of the geometry of the environment.

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    • Thank you, Glenn. I missed Robs question. No. Never an architect.
      Yes, the geometry of the environment, whether man-made or natural.
      I had a quick look at your minimalist photo group, and I definitely plan to go back.


  2. You blew my socks off with this one, Ken! Brilliant, brilliant imagery and the reference to “A hairpin may reverse direction,” and then adding that it always takes you forward. Kudos! 💖💖

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  3. Brilliant. What with the hairpin doing that and still taking you onward, forward —love it. And the way my mind melds words into the image — the one I want to see, really (does this make me a con-artist?) I saw hope as the force that keeps us all going forward.
    Well, that’s the state your poem put me in. Love it. Just brilliant. Thanks for sharing. Loved the resonance of your voice too. Ah! Thanks. Keep going. I wish you miracles (you already know that 😉)

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  4. I enjoyed listening to you read your geometric poem last night, Ken, and all over again this morning, although it wasn’t so resonant in my voice. I like the wordplay in the title and the way you portray your love of photography without actually naming it in the poem, especially in the lines:
    ‘Each one speaks to me, waits
    to meet the page, carbon to fiber,
    or the screen, pixels in a lattice,
    forming lines that tell the story
    of the lines that inspire me.’
    It’m so pleased that you are feeling better.

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    • 🙂 Thank you, Kim. Even just looking out the window at home I can see a shape in the space between the branches of a tree or watch a bird’s weaving flight and something unrelated pops into my mind, an idea for a possible poem.

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    • For myself, maybe it’s like a brief window of contemplation – a stimulation that sparks word association that can be totally unrelated to the subject being viewed.

      It’s definitely not meditation – my mind is almost never blank, although I certainly can be “tongue-tied” when it comes to writing comments! I swear, sometimes I put as much effort into leaving a comment on someone’s poem as I do in writing my own poetry, which itself isn’t always successful.

      Oops, that was a real tangent, wasn’t it!

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  5. I have a photo essay I did once on lines, which this started to evoke for me; then I started thinking this is like my thought process when writing, and then I realized, oh this is /Ken’s/ thought process when writing.

    I can be a little slow on the uptake sometimes.


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