moon no longer full ~ senryū

moon no longer full
there is less light in the world
when a friend passes

This senryū is my response to Colleen Cheseboro’s #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge #219: #specificform, which asks that we write a haiku or tanka on any subject. While mortality has been an occasional subject in my poetry over the years, it seemed to become more of a recurring theme once I reached Medicare age, three years ago. What can I say? People around me are getting older. I’m getting older.

Wikimedia Commons – Heron at New Moon, by Ohara Koson
Waning gibbous moon, Jefferson City Missouri, 01 April 2021

This will serve as my poem for Day 1 of National/Global Poetry Writing Month,
in case I don’t meet the challenge at

NaPoWriMo 2021

~ Day 1 ~

28 thoughts on “moon no longer full ~ senryū

  1. Letting go of friends is part of the life package. Good to honor the departures as turning points in our own paths. I read this and immediately saw the face of a friend/mentor who passed back in September – thanks for helping Cliff flash through to me. Can no longer sit and chat with him, but his presence hovers.

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  2. I see it too. The dimming of the lights. I’m so sorry about what happened. So many people are talking about Sue. I didn’t know her but I’m teary eyed at this. Be well, Ken and all of you.
    I’ll sit in silence with you for as long as you need…

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