Friendship ~ for Sue



Joy, like a flame
A gift of enlightenment
The warmth of intrinsic value
Closer than the far horizon
Saying goodbye

One aspect of my discovery of the community of poets at WordPress is the connections I feel I’ve made. While we cannot completely know all of the thoughts of those who are miles away and of whom we’ve never met, I think it’s possible to understand them through their poetry and to share that connection. Sue Vincent has been one of those connections. Sue has been much more than a poet, but there is poetry in everything she has written. She has weighed heavily on my mind since she told us of her grave illness, nearly six months ago. Since then, I have written four poems with her in mind, and I’ve culled some words from those poems to create this poem.

She will be missed. If you read anything of Sue’s, please read this.

Photo courtesy of Helen Jones.

34 thoughts on “Friendship ~ for Sue

  1. I didn’t know her but I can see you are feeling her loss and I am sorry. Your poem is moving and has made me reflect on a couple of people who have made a difference to me and won’t be here much longer in body but always in memory.

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