One Direction

One Direction_1

One Direction

One Direction_2A mere fork,
a simple choice.
One direction or the other.
Along one trail,
majestic oaks. On the other,
moss-covered limestone formations.

Either one with its rewards,
yet, just beyond that fork
lies a disturbance,
the wrapper of sweets
consumed by another,
left with no regard for the beauty
of the surroundings.

I choose that path,
stop to right what is wrong
placing it in my pocket.
The other way can wait
for another day.

This poem is my response to earthweal weekly challenge: TURNING POINTS.

20 thoughts on “One Direction

  1. There is a green patience here, where forks and paths and choices are the sidelong gradient of doing one right thing and letting the river flow on from there. Nice. – Brendan


    • Thank you, Lisa.
      The photos were taken at Runge Nature Center, in Jefferson City. From the Missouri Department of Conservation website: “Five hiking trails, including two woodchipped and three hard surface trails, totaling 2.4 miles, loop through woodlands, prairies, glades, and next to ponds and a beautiful wet-weather stream.” It’s just 5 miles from my home, and I visit at least a dozen times a year.

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  2. Bravo for those who pick up after the careless!
    We’ve noticed an increase in litter on trails since the pandemic began, probably because more people are taking to trails to escape four walls. It’s disheartening. But a stoop now and then is good exercise, and I almost always have pocket space.
    Your images here make me wish Missouri were closer!

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