Hiding the Snow Moon ~ haiku

Hiding the Snow Moon

melting drifts
last remaining snow
in puddles

cloud cover
hiding the snow moon
white flakes fall

with waters warming
last ice gone from the river
turtle surfaces

These three haiku are my response to Frank Tassone’s #Haikai Challenge # 179-181: Spring Trinity, which offers three kigo for the past three weeks:

2/20 – remaining snow
2/27 – Snow moon
3/6 – waters warming

Image source: ukiyo-e.org – Snow in Miyajima, by Tsuchiya Koitsu

11 thoughts on “Hiding the Snow Moon ~ haiku

  1. Great Haiku, Brother. Ice fishing shacks have to be off the lake by midnight tonight. Meanwhile, low teens & wind chill will combine to produce “feels like” sub-zero for the next few days, & (despite a couple of recent almost-Mud-Season afternoons) we’ve had snow all day today (sometimes waaaaay more than just flurries (ie I couldn’t see the treeline) accumulating to 3-5 inches (on top of the remaining 8-12 inch cover, drifted to about a foot and a half. Should be starting to turn by next weekend (just in time for my Needle #2 appointment! YAY!!!
    Meanwhile, let me wish you all the best & hope you’re out kayaking ASAP.

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  2. Season change dramatically where you are. Here they drift slowly from one day to the next . In Ballarat summer has faded away, we had a poor year for tomatoes and the leaves that were green are turning to brown. I have never tried haiku and I won’t start. But your three painted a very strong picture. Thank you.

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    • And thank you, John. Here in Missouri, the lower mid-west (not quite south) of the US, winter is pretty mild — a once-a-year heavy snowfall, but mostly freezing rain. Back I when lived in New York, winter was winter, with spring arriving gradually.


  3. I was out cleaning my yard and gardens when we had that warm spell.
    Today though morning was in the 20’s and still in the 30’s around 9am
    But now at 5pm it is 52! I’m looking for some consistency.
    Next week though it will be constantly raining (so it is forecast).

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