The Nature of Poetry

The Nature of Poetry

Paddle at rest, stillness
on the water induces thoughts
that weave through the moment.
A leaf floats by, the passing of years,
and a poem takes shape.

Memories and dreams filtered
through the eye of the moment
have their place on the page,
whether read or not, for who
would argue that thoughts, poetic
to the hand that writes them,
should not be expressed,
should not be shared
with the world at large
when they bring satisfaction
to the writer, as they should.

Pen to paper,
fingers to keys, words flow
and a heron takes wing.

This poem is my response to earthweal weekly challenge: THE NATURE OF POETRY,
which is to write about the nature of poetry.

23 thoughts on “The Nature of Poetry

  1. You have captured the moment of poetic conception so beautifully in this gentle poem, Ken. I imagined you in your kayak, watching a leaf float by. It is at such moments that poems take shape. The final lines are exquisite.

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  2. I like how you’ve brought nature itself into this poem on the nature of poetry. I think for many of us, when we write poetry, we are doing what comes naturally – that flow of words, from pen to paper or keyboard to screen.

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