Mistaken Freedom ~ quadrille

Mistaken Freedom

Swift, this death
sweeping across the globe
catching unawares
those most susceptible,
the frail and compromised,
the aged with defenses down.

Just as swift, the defiance
by those mistaking freedom
from regulation to be
the right to subject others
to the risk of death.

This is my response to Quadrille: swift,
the prompt from Sarah at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, which is to use
a form of the word swift in a 44-word poem, with no required meter or rhyme.

Image source: Johns Hopkins University & Medicine Coronavirus Resource Center
(click image for larger view in new tab)

48 thoughts on “Mistaken Freedom ~ quadrille

  1. 117 million!?!? and yet masks aren’t mandated across the globe? I remember reading about Singapore’s new no smoking in public policy years ago. If you got caught you were jailed and caned as your sentence. I’m willing to try anything right now. As it mutates it compounds the danger of death and enough have died 😦

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  2. This is well written. Every word is working hard.
    This isn’t about critique, but you could remove the “Just” starting the second stanza (It’s my over-used word, so I’m always looking for taking it out), then add “and” in the last line of the first stanza: the aged and with defenses down.
    This small change would increase the scope of the problem. 🙂

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  3. Your title is perfect, Ken, and your quadrille is spot-on. I am still hunkering down, staying away from those who believe they can do what they want with no regard for others. At the weekend, I was anxious about walking through the village I live in as there were so many people who were not from around here and not social distancing.

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    • Thank you, Kim.
      We went to a restaurant for my birthday, and promptly walked back out. Every single seat was taken, except for the offered two seats at the full-service bar. Even there it was elbow-to elbow – and not one staff member wore a mask. We then went to a small Greek restaurant where the tables were spaced and every employee wore a mask. Missouri is called “The Show-Me State. That now seems to mean, “Show me a dead body and I’ll throw a linen over it and use it as an extra table.” 😦

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  4. Nice one, Ken. There is a lot of craziness out there. Interestingly, in the Uk the uptake rate among the elderly has been massive, but it seems to be younger people who are questioning vaccination more. Of course, they have never seen things like polio, or even measles. They take their health for granted.

    We were discussing state capitals last night, and our complete ignorance of them! What’s the state capital of Missouri????

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  5. The post sixties “my rights” in whatever culture has infected the world. For me interdependence across species is critical, how to get back to that? Yes mistaken freedom indeed Ken.

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