Discerning Shadow

Discerning Shadow

This fine line I walk,
contentment to one side,
to the other a darkness
that would deny any comfort,
is the path I have chosen.

This most delicate balance,
holds an edge of uncertainty,
for the darkness casts its shadow
across that line. Otherwise,
it is revealed as the shadow.

I shun that darkness, yet
one cannot be had without
the other. They are as one.
Had I known, would I
have chosen this path?

This poem is my response to dVerse – Poetics – Edges & Fringes, the prompt
from Lisa at dVerse ~ Poets Pub. I have chosen the first of the four options offered:

1. Write a poem using the word edge;

Image source: Shutterstock (edited here)

28 thoughts on “Discerning Shadow

  1. Ken, I like the visual you present here. Just to try to understand, why/how do you think you have chosen, per your last 2 lines? Is this personal or generally speaking? If you don’t want to answer, just tell me to buzz off 🙂

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    • Any moment can be like starting over. Do we know what lies ahead with each decision we make (starting over with each new decision)? I wasn’t thinking of the lesser of two evils when I wrote this, but what about the bad that comes with the good? Does it exist on its own or are there times when it’s an element we haven’t accounted for?

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      • Thanks for the explain, Ken. Not sure if those are rhetorical questions or not, but it seems that shadow always tags along with light. Even mountains aren’t exempt and they are some of the toughest things I know.

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  2. Edgy work indeed, Ken I, too, see the demarcation, but always perceive it as precipice, a far more threatening line I’m always simultaneously fearful of and almost eager to leap from.

    You write it well here.

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  4. Do people really make such conscious plans? When I tried (long ago to be sure), nothing ever turned out as expected or anticipated. I wonder if we aren’t just always choosing blind. We do our best, and get both positive and negative results from each choice. At least I’ve never found it to be otherwise. Even obvious mistakes can result in things we wouldn’t want to go back and change. (K)

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  5. This is quite thought provoking … I am sitting here thinking about the many choices (excellent and horrific) I’ve made in my life. A woman approaching the age of 80. No time for do-overs.


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