Awake Beyond Smoldering

Awake Beyond Smoldering

It was a withering husk,
and I almost didn’t recognize it
as my own broken heart,
that which had been fractured
through years of denial
over what had been lost
long ago. But that was then,
when I could not accept the truth.
When fear of the unknown kept me
from finding a happiness
that could be mine. I turned my back
on the charred remains to find
that happiness, knowing my heart
would follow, hopeful we would succeed.


This poem is my response to MTB: Middles and Turns, the prompt from Peter at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, which is to write a poem that takes a dramatic turn.

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51 thoughts on “Awake Beyond Smoldering

  1. This is gorgeously rendered! I love the reference to “broken heart,” and the glimpse of optimism at the end. It’s excruciating.. propelling forward in the darkness in search of the light.. but it’s there. 💝💝

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  2. A great title, Ken, and I love the progression of a withering husk of a broken heart to hope and happiness. I like the literal turn of the back on fear of the unknown, and the hint at a phoenix rising from the ashes..

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