A Whisper in the Mist

A Whisper in the Mist

The voice of a lifetime, yours,
calling to me through the years.
Some would say it’s a roar.
That’s hard to deny, but
it can also be a whisper.

Those moments beside your brink,
wrapped in my father’s arms.
Your mist reaching out
to gently caress my cheek, a whisper
even there beside your might.

Floating, bobbing in the current
at your base, you towering above,
your sound drowning out
all else, while we drown
in the torrents you rain upon us.

A bright summer day, standing
beside you, drinking in the rainbow
held in the mist that embraces us,
a whisper within the roar that speaks
all languages to all visitors.

Even now, a thousand miles away,
I hear that whisper, your call to me.
I take any opportunity to travel,
to stand beside you, to continue
the conversation of a lifetime.

I’ve read many responses to “earthweal weekly challenge,” but this poem is my first time participating. To quote earthweal weekly challenge: NATURAL FORCES:
Personify, magnify, glorify nature… How have natural forces shaped you?

~ One of my earliest visits to Niagara Falls ~
~ The view from the deck of The Maid of the Mist, at Niagara Falls ~
~ Visiting Niagara Falls with my wife ~

17 thoughts on “A Whisper in the Mist

  1. Who would not need to write poems, baptized in the mist and thunder of those Falls? I wonder if your online handle comes from that … A fine remembrance and hymn for the substance of those waters. (PS my blog Oran’s Well names the door that opened beneath the wave I was baptized in) – Brendan

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    • Thank you. 🙂

      I was pretty active as a vlogger from 2006 to 2013, with many of my vlogs made by or on the water. The Niagara River has always held great significance for me. I now have the muddy Missouri River. I definitely prefer the Niagara.

      Thank you for the prompt.

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  2. I really enjoyed your poem. Waterfalls are so powerful and Niagara must be one of the most powerful of all. I like the way you say you can hear that roar even now. Your poem conjures up memories of waterfalls I have visited.

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  3. Who would not take such an opportunity to make that journey and continue this ‘journey of a lifetime?’ I would be glad to visit even once, but the places which shape us are the ones which remain in our hearts.


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