Carried in a current
barely perceptible
beneath the ice,
yet beyond the limits
of these banks,
my thoughts flow.

Wider waters await,
as near as the next thought.

This poem is my response to Reena’s Exploration Challenge #173,
where the prompt is Flow.

Our recent subfreezing temperatures means local streams will be iced over and that I’ll have to paddle on the Missouri or the Osage River if I want to fulfill my ritual of a monthly kayak venture. Sunny and 56ºF is predicted for next Tuesday, so I’ll plan for a paddle on the Osage, which has a much milder current than the Missouri.

The Missouri River is currently witnessing a rare occurrence. Five miles upstream from Jefferson City, MO, an ice jam has reduced the flow of the river, so that the channel depth (not the overall river depth) at Jefferson City is at or near zero.

Also shared with Open Link #284 – Live Again at dVerse ~ Poets Pub.

Images (18 February 2021)
The snow-covered Moreau River
The Missouri River at Jefferson City, at half its normal width
with the State Capitol in the background
Chris & Jason with the U.S. Geological Service
preparing to measure the river’s depth

28 thoughts on “Flow

    • Thank you, Kim. I try to maintain that monthly paddle so I can post a catch-up video to Facebook for my distant children and my sisters. One year, the river was so ice-choked that I just stood on the shore holding my paddle while I talked to the camera. Another time, I sat in the kayak as it sat on my garage floor. They got a kick out of that.

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  1. Up here in the woods, there’s nothin to paddle but puddles, and they’re all frozen solid, too. No matter, though, All my paddling, these days, is in my head; so I’m with you in spirit, Brother. Paddle on.

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