Four for Four – the abridged version

No — this was not composed on my phone
                         ~ Edited for profanity ~

  • My internet service was restored yesterday, after a two day outage
  • At 9:30 this morning a snowplow came down our street
    – breaking the temporary cable that has been in the street since summer
    – disrupting our service for the 4th time since January 15th
  • My wife was working from home
    – so I took her to her office so she could continue working
  • I continued on, grocery shopping before heading home
  • Arriving home at noon, I saw a new cable, connected and lying in the street
  • Internet service was restored
  • Our morning call to customer support bypassed all voice menus
    – something unheard of
    – apparently our account has been flagged as a priority
         ~ a perk for suffering four snowplow-induced outages?
  • Two work orders were placed
    – a repair to restore our service — Surprise! Completed this morning!
    – an order to bury the cable under the street
  • That cable has been there since last summer
  • There’s now a foot of snow — That cable ain’t goin’ nowhere
  • We anticipate more outages before spring weather arrives
  • And probably after

27 thoughts on “Four for Four – the abridged version

  1. “edited for profanity” LOL
    brrr sounds bitter cold
    I complain when it drops below 40 at night
    and only gets up to 65 in the daylight
    oh well still glad to hear you are connected again
    HANG IN THERE ashes decorate the faithful Xian today

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    • We had -7ºF the last two mornings, so above zero this morning was a nice change. We’re currently at 19º, with 20s predicted through the weekend & possibly 40 early next week.
      No rolling blackouts here, but southwest & western MO have seen them. I was on the phone with a T-Mobile rep in Overland Park, KS (Kansas City area) yesterday when they had a power blackout during our session.


  2. I hesitated to “like” this. What the H*** is wrong with them!? They can’t put up a few temp poles so the cable goes high over the street until the cable can be buried in spring? Sorry to hear about this chronic issue that is rooted in no common sense at all by the company.

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  3. Reading this and the prior replies has my gratitude quotient rising. I’m w/o water now but I do have electricity (thus heat); and my cable internet is all underground, out of snowplow range … though one begins to question the durability of all sources of essentials as more and more prove vulnerable to weather and human oversights. My instincts in purchasing a house outside CityOfAustin utilities back in 1986 has proven over the years wise beyond any then-awareness – again this week as large portions of Austin have been multi days w/o electricity.
    A winter to remember.

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    • Thanks, Merril. This is highly unusual weather for here, but then it’s been crazy all over the country. At least the snow has been a powder, with 2-3 inches each day since Sunday. Easy enough to push it with the shovel.
      Back in NY, that would have been a 12 inch, one-day “dump” – and wet at that – so every shovel scoop was like throwing five pounds. As for cable, I was in an neighborhood developed in the 1950s. When cable came in they strung the wires overhead. Sometimes, heavy snow would make the wire droop. I lived next to a grade school. Over the years, maybe a half-dozen times, a delivery truck would catch that drooping wire and we’d lose cable TV & internet.
      It’s a conspiracy, I tell ya!

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  4. Infuriating. We can no longer, as a country, even do the simplest and most obvious things. Our entire grid is very vulnerable. Perhaps those back-to-the-landers are not so crazy. It makes me think of the Little House book “The Long Winter”. (K)

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