Eyes Glued, Ears Tuned ~ with audio


Eyes Glued, Ears Tuned

Words, images burned
into my mind, unimaginable
events relived. Lives lost
remembered. A nation’s memory
on trial, broadcast to that nation.
Who could turn their backs
on facts that can not be denied?

A dethroned man who would be king,
insurgents inspired by his words,
incitement of treason reasoned
by one who should have lead,
but who, instead, must be found guilty of
the treason he so unreasonably fomented.

Yet, impeachment seems out of reach
in those halls that were fractured
long before that fracture laid upon it
by words and actions witnessed by a nation.

This poem may be scant on details, but I believe it presents a time and a place as prompted by Grace with Meeting the Bar: Setting at dVerse ~ Poets Pub.

Image source: alamy.com

32 thoughts on “Eyes Glued, Ears Tuned ~ with audio

  1. I like your rhyming that weaves throughout. I watched Colbert’s monologue from yesterday and hear the Republican senators are tuning it all out as the impeachment trial continues. They need to be held accountable as much as the orange stain.

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  2. I considered writing about this too, but couldn’t get a handle on it. You did a marvelous job of recreating the situation, and the setting is implied in the Now. Your vocalization helped immensely for me.

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  3. Your reading is heart felt and I can feel your emotions from the audio. How sad the state of affairs; but really I am happy to read that you have Biden & Harris at the White House. How much have changed (but not really), these last weeks and I am very hopefuly for your country.

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  4. No further details needed for any of us who’ve been paying any attention to current events in the Capitol.
    Your title captures the majority experience. The dumbstruck “party-members” caught between fear of retaliation and truth are choosing to cover their eyes and ears, push reality over a cliff of denial. The rest of us clearly SEE them, HEAR them.

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  5. I think you’ve captured an important moment in time Ken. ‘those halls that were fractured
    long before that fracture laid upon it’ – absolutely this is how it seems. I hope he is impeached so he can never stand again.

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