enteroscopy ~ senryū (with audio)

As it happens, I recorded two haiku on my phone when I was waking from anesthesia, yesterday. The one I posted yesterday was garbled and truncated, so I had to try to remember just what I had said. This morning, I found the first recording. Although not that much less garbled, it is more audible. That haiku (or senryū, to be more accurate) appears below, with the original recording. Note that I say “enterology” instead of enteroscopy, and there is a false start with the third line, in which I say “sore throat.”  I’m feeling much better today, but the sore throat still lingers.

complete with intubation
and recovery


As to why haiku came to mind as I was waking up? While waiting to be admitted for my procedure I was thinking about Freya’s most recent prompt for Pure Haiku, and I wrote down a haiku to submit later.

9 thoughts on “enteroscopy ~ senryū (with audio)

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  2. Oh, wow – I sense being there as you came to! Love the long sigh between lines 2 & 3.
    A few years back I was with my husband as he came to from a surgery – goofy as I’ve ever seen him, and I’d give anything if I could flip a switch now and then to summon that playful inner child! Multi-syllable medical terms do lend themselves to poetic friskiness, don’t they?

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  3. After one surgery I woke up from the most peaceful dream in which I was walking along a white beach while some polar bears were happily swimming in the white surf, under a white sky, and it was warm and safe and happy. I didn’t want to wake up. I then proceeded to tell the nurses and my husband and bystanders and they laughed indulgently. Believe me if I could get back to the polar bears I’d be gone in a second. So your story really made me smile. Our minds provide refuge in some times odd ways. I love it that poetry was there as you returned to this existence.

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    • Thank you, Claudia.
      I’d say I’ve come a long way. Forty-six years ago, recovering from surgery on my wrist, still lying on my back, I demonstrated to my fiancée how my left arm was totally limp, and how I could lift my left hand with my right and just drop it on my stomach.
      Yeah, I was still recovering from the goofy gas. When I dropped my hand it fell right on to my face.


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