The Shortest Distance ~ video poem

The Shortest Distance

Between two points
there lies an understanding
with a principal purpose

Your safety

Maintaining the proximity
of community through


Respecting my concerns
as I do yours

This was written/created in July 2020 as part of a COVID-19 art anthology/collaboration that failed to materialize. At the time, it voiced my frustration with the public attitude in my area regarding the need for masks as a means to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Six months later, the use of masks in public settings seems to have swung in the opposite direction, but I still see anti-mask stalwarts.

13 thoughts on “The Shortest Distance ~ video poem

    • CVS & Walgreens were tasked with taking state supplied vaccine to nursing homes. Now that that is done, the governor has directed them to deliver their remaining portion of that initial supply to the counties. I received a call from my county health department yesterday, scheduling me for both doses of the Pfizer vaccine on Feb. 5 and Feb. 26.

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        • Here, the counties seem to have their acts together. It’s the state that’s well behind the eight ball. Missouri is rated last in % delivered of vaccine on hand
          I just read about a couple of counties that were denied distribution due to numbers. I don’t care how few people-at-risk they may have, there should be equitable distribution. Hopefully that has been corrected, since this CVS/Walgreens directive came in the last 2 days.

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