Thoughts like this call to me
Now and then
And then
I realize they’re always there

My lips may not move
Yet I wonder
Do you hear me
And miss me in the same way?

The time since may grow longer
But the time to come
When I may once more
Hold your hand is far shorter

This poem was inspired by Memorial, by Ron. Lavalette.

15 thoughts on “Now

  1. Ken, thank you for posting “Now” now … very relevant for me in this moment and the many, many left until I am no longer “here” to miss my son. I cannot help but wonder if his essence picks up on my thoughts, wishes as they occur. I definitely sense his continuing vibrations, that our connection is not gone, just very changed. I have a similar sense regarding my mother who died in 1990, but not much with my dad who died in 1962 (guess I was not mature enough then to “connect” and lost my chance; tho my son seemed to embody Daddy’s spirit, so maybe Daddy found his way to connect.)
    This poem is a keeper for me – saving a copy right now!

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  3. I’m in a different situation, in that I hope not to re-encounter quite a few of those who have gone before, so I am grateful for the time that has passed without them here, sounds harsh, maybe, but it’s my reality. Reading your poem I reflect instead on those I do hope to see again, and I hope they will feel the same way, when the time comes, pleased that I have arrived! Very thought provoking, what you have written here.

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