Sedition Perdition

Sedition Perdition

Speaking to his acolytes, a petty tyrant wondered
how a set electorate could easily be plundered.

“Since my landslide victory obviously was stolen,
if you’d just ignore the facts I’d truly be beholden.”

Fearlessly, he’d lead them on a rightful march for justice.
So they marched, with no time left to logically discuss this.

With seeds of hate deeply rooted, his angry throng dispatched,
the petty tyrant snickered at the clever scheme he’d hatched.

Safe behind the White House walls the biggest loser hunkered,
watching news feeds gleefully from deep within his bunker.

Down the avenue they marched, right up to the Capitol,
where they scaled its stately walls, defiled its sacred halls.

Their misplaced trust in Donald Trump the reason for their sins,
undermining traditional democratic doctrines.

Thus the sixth day of the year denotes a failed sedition,
and citizens celebrate a president’s perdition.

Image source: Global Times (edited here)

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37 thoughts on “Sedition Perdition

  1. Epiphany.
    I lived in DC for two years and for a while worked as a messenger. Often was sent to the Capitol for deliveries. Ran up and down those marble stairs picking up documents and delivering messages. Things are very different now. Back then 1975 and 1976 security was very low key, so light, slight. The capitol police even let me leave my car outside the downstairs door, as long as I left the keys in it in case they had to move it. It was sad seeing those places with tear gas and flash bang grenades.

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  2. Ken, I think why they follow him like he’s a cult figure is that he can outwardly manifest the ugliness each of them feels inside about others and how they feel about themselves. He panders to that inner ugly failure that doesn’t know what to do with itself except bond together with other ugly failures to blame anyone other than themselves for how they feel. The smirks on some of their faces as they sat in the hallowed halls mirrored their leaders’ smirk in a chilling way. I wouldn’t put anything past the orange one’s homunculi.

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      • I know, since my sister lives in Missouri, as I think you know, I am very aware of how things are there. And you’re right, it does seem to me from what I know of what she says, well, it is no surprise. I just bowed down in sorrow over all of this. PA is very divided, though not where I live, thank goodness, but I hope for a day when we can somehow get things repaired. DIdn’t mean to go on like this. Back to your poem, I felt it said what needed to be said. Good work.

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    • Thank you, Ingrid.

      Trump sometimes will modify his responses after gauging overall public reaction to his previous comments. While he said Thursday that he was “outraged” by the “heinous” attack, let’s not forget his tweet during that riot:

      “These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long. Go home with love & in peace. Remember this day forever!”


  3. It is something that has gripped us here in Australia most of us are as horrified as you all seem to be. Unfortunately the poisonous rhetoric that has poured from the White House has infected a small number of people here as well. And we wish it would go away. But maybe one good thing will come from all this – sometimes we don’t know that the cancer is there until there is an eruption and then we know we must deal with it. Great poem Ken.

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  4. The more videos that come out of that day, the more I am worried there could be another incident. The violence was very disturbing. I think both parties have extremists and it’s not all Republicans nor all Democrats, but just the crazies that get focused on the most. Yet, Trump has managed to drive all his crazies to action quite well. I live outside KCMO and I do see the divide. But it takes a certain personality to really do what some of those supporters did and get so violent. 😦

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    • Unfortunately, I can imagine more violence in the future. The headlines these days don’t look good.
      I came to MO from western NY. People like to think of NY as ultra-liberal, but once your out of NYC, it can be conservative, even in Buffalo. However, my eyes were opened to real conservatism when I moved to Jefferson City. Eight years, and I still find the extreme disturbing.

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