Our Minds the Wick ~ found poem

Our Minds the Wick

Words the moth.
Fleeting, wings beating.
Feeding the light.

Infinity could not contain
the many paths
crossing where they will,
yet always moving on
from the intersections.

In us, around us,
rising and falling,
like accepting starlight
in search of consolation.

There is no simple formula
or parametric equation
for the birth of a poem.
Words to keyboard or pen,
prompted or not,
open my eyes to thoughts
waiting to be heard.

Poet to poet,
thoughts easily aligned.
A sharing or harvesting,
enfolding memories
that are not quite dreams.

Thankfulness in the waning moments
of inspiration for words gathered well.

This found poem is sourced from comments or replies I’ve made to various poets on WordPress. Those poets are David @ ben Alexander, Kerfe Roig, Merril Smith, Kim Russell, Barbara Leonhard, calmkate, Lisa @ Tao Talk, and Paul Vincent Cannon. Thank you to all of them for their inspiration.

I am sharing this with Open Link #280 – LIVE! at dVerse ~ Poets Pub.

52 thoughts on “Our Minds the Wick ~ found poem

  1. Ken was very happy to see you at the live reading and hear your comments and then the poem. There is a coziness in the poetic community here that has sustained me in bleak moments and raised me in joy with spirit. I see this line as a mantra/prayer:
    “open my eyes to thoughts
    waiting to be heard.”

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  2. “To thoughts waiting ….” I love the way you relate the birth of a poem as communal brew, a pan-thespian creation of the soul. I am touched to be named, thank you so much for your lines you birth.

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  3. Nice approach for Ars Poetica, to get at the poets themveryselves. Loved especially the enfolded memories, not quite dreams. this comes near the description I once heard of poetry as that art in which we express through words things that cannot be expressed with words.

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  4. I love a good found poem and this one is a gem as you took the time and effort to look back at your comments and replies. Thank you for including me, Ken. The title is a spark of genius and I agree with Jane, that this could have been a collaboration with Kerfe, and with Bjorn about commenting being like a collaboration or renga . I love the moth word metaphor and the lines:
    ‘There is no simple formula
    or parametric equation
    for the birth of a poem.’

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  5. I enjoyed hearing and seeing you read from the recording yesterday, I hope to make the next live one! This is a great community that inspires and you have proven that here. I like that a poem is born by “thoughts waiting to be heard,” and there is no equation to it. I believe it is listening to life and each other 💕👏

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  6. “inspiration for words gathered well”–your close is killer. After writing poetry for 60 years, I still get that sweet rush when some lines or stanzas pop out at me. I never tire of the mysterious hand that often guide my words. There is something undefinable about it. Like acting in a film, when you produce a profound “look”, where the inner monologue rises up.

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