The Great Divide – quadrille

The Great Divide

There is an ethical chasm
carved across this great land.
Should any man
abide by these standards,
the principles so clearly expressed
by the one some would call president,
pray that he sees the error of his ways
and follows a more righteous path.

This is my response to dVerse – Quadrille 117 – The Dude Abides,
the prompt from Lisa at dVerse ~ Poets Pub, which is to use a form of the word
abide in a 44-word poem, with no required meter or rhyme.

Image source: Britannica
(edited here)

36 thoughts on “The Great Divide – quadrille

  1. We can see that ethical chasm from the other side of the world, Ken, and I imagine it would be clearly seen from space! I doubt ‘the one some would call president’ will ever see the error of his ways, let alone follow a righteous path.

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  2. I agree with Kim – it’s one thing to respect the opinions of others, but anyone who glorifies a racist would-be dictator who only serves in his own self-interest has surely fallen into the depths of the ethical chasm.

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    • Thank you, Ingrid.
      He’s made changes to our system, including the Supreme Court, that will have lasting effects that some ( not I ) will welcome, but I’ll be glad to see him go before he does any more damage (not to mention his total lack of moral character).

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    • Wouldn’t that be just grand?
      There’s talk of a potential for him to use the power of Presidential Pardon on himself before he leaves, but that would only apply to any Federal charges that might be placed on him for nefarious acts. Courts in the State of New York would not be affected by that, and there are plans in the works to charge him for illegal financial activity. Of course that would be long and drawn out, but could be the final closing of that chasm.


      • He behaves like someone who wants the fun without the responsibility. That is reprehensible when you’re talking about someone driving without insurance, but to think you can have the power of the POTUS and no responsibility?????

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  3. Prayer might be a start, but I’ve known people who have prayed all their lives for change to “happen” but made no effort to make it so. Introspection and desire are pointless without action.
    Well done, KG

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